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  • Ravikumar, Balaguru; Aittokallio, Tero (2018)
    Introduction: Polypharmacology has emerged as an essential paradigm for modern drug discovery process. Multiple lines of evidence suggest that agents capable of modulating multiple targets in a selective manner may offer also improved balance between therapeutic efficacy and safety compared to single-targeted agents. Areas covered: Herein, the authors review the recent progress made in experimental and computational strategies for addressing the critical challenges with rational discovery of selective multi-targeted agents within the context of polypharmacological modelling. Specific focus is placed on multi-targeted mono-therapies, although examples of combinatorial polytherapies are also covered as an important part of the polypharmacology paradigm. The authors focus mainly on anti-cancer treatment applications, where polypharmacology is playing a key role in determining the efficacy-toxicity trade-off of multi-targeting strategies. Expert opinion: Even though it is widely appreciated that complex polypharmacological interactions can contribute both to therapeutic and adverse side-effects, systematic approaches for improving this balance by means of integrated experimental-computational strategies are still lacking. Future developments will be needed for comprehensive collection and harmonization of systems-wide target selectivity data, enabling better utilization and control for multi-targeted activities in the drug development process. Additional areas of future developments include model-based strategies for drug combination screening and improved pre-clinical validation options with animal models.
  • Laukkanen, S.; Gronroos, T.; Polonen, P.; Kuusanmaki, H.; Mehtonen, J.; Cloos, J.; Ossenkoppele, G.; Gjertsen, B.; Oystein, B.; Heckman, C.; Heinaniemi, M.; Kontro, M.; Lohi, O. (2017)
  • Nordberg, Janne; Mpindi, John Patrick; Iljin, Kristiina; Pulliainen, Arto Tapio; Kallajoki, Markku; Kallioniemi, Olli; Elenius, Klaus; Elenius, Varpu (2012)