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  • Tala, Amanda (Helsingfors universitet, 2015)
    Finnish alcohol culture is in constant change and ever so popular theme in public discussion. Previous research in the area of alcohol studies is quite concise or is strongly based in the framework of public health. The purpose of this research is to examine the special features of Finnish alcohol culture. With this thesis I want to study the reasons which influence Finnish alcohol behavior; what kind of drinks people choose to drink, what are the reasons behind drinking alcohol and what kind of factors are considered when choosing an alcohol beverage. This study concentrates on researching the usage of alcohol on Friday in particular. The research data is a collection of food journals from the Literary Archives (Kansanrunousarkisto) which are collected by Finnish Literature Society (Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura, SKS). In the Mitä söin tänään? (What I ate today?) -collection participants had described one particular day (12.4.2013) through food, eating and all things involved in the process. The the data group (n=94) of this research consists of journals where alcohol or alcohol consumption is mentioned. The research is based on oral history studies and qualitative content analysis. The alcohol consumption was shown in the everyday of the writers as an uplifting and value adding factor. The alcoholic beverages were considered to be a vital part of good dinner or a social gathering. Alcohol was seen to make a particular situation more meaningful. The most recognizable reason for drinking was Friday itself, being the beginning of the weekend. Another very significant reason was the social context, the meaning of company is undeniable. Wine was single the most popular drink mentioned in the data, followed by beer. Other alcohol beverages gained only single mentions. The most important factor influencing the choosing process was the price. Consumer's for example ecologic lifestyle was another often mentioned factor concerning the process.