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  • Lehtelä, Heli (Helsingin yliopisto, 2019)
    A communal phenomenon related to bobbin lace making can be observed in Heinämaa region of Orimattila. This phenomenon has not been previously researched from the point of view of cultural studies. The purpose of this research was to authenticate the bobbin lace culture in Heinämaa via the cultural theory of Johan Fornäs. An additional purpose of this research was to examine lace making culture by utilizing the concept of regional identity. The assignment of the research was to examine what the lace making culture of Heinämaa is. The secondary assignment of this research was to answer the question: How does regional identity manifest itself in the areas affected by the Heinämaa lace making culture? The material used in this research consists of the mind maps composed by eight members of Heinämaan pitsinkutojat ry [the Heinämaa lace makers association]; ten books or certain parts of the books about Heinämaa lace; the yield of four thematic interviews (N=7) and questionnaires directed at the residents of Heinämaa (N=45) and Orimattila (N=39). The mind maps, literary material, interviews, the answers to the open questions of the surveys and the visual material relating to the Heinämaa lace (37p) were processed using theory-based content analysis method. ATLAS.ti program was used to code and analyze the material. The quantitative parts of the questionnaires were analyzed with SPSS program, using the Mann-Whitney test, the Kruskal-Wallis H-test and the Fisher´s exact test. After the analyses the results of the multimethodical research relating to the cultural authentication were combined in accordance with the four levels of the Fornäs cultural theory and the (concept of) regional identity was examined in relation to the theory. The research established that a unique local culture has formed around bobbin lace making in Heinämaa, manifesting itself on all levels of the Fornäs cultural theory. The results of the reasearch reflect an experience of a regional identity relating to the bobbin lace making in Heinämaa. The research established that this regional identity could be seen manifesting itself also beyond the borders of the Heinämaa village, but in these cases the person experiencing the sense of identity had herself lived in Heinämaa or had familial ties in the region. The lace making culture of Heinämaa is considered important and worth preserving in Heinämaa as well as te Orimattila region.
  • Heusala, Anna-Liisa; Aitamurto, Kaarina (2018)