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  • Välimäki, Susanna (Routledge, 2020)
    In the 21st century, the development of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexual, and queer rights has been remarkable in the Nordic countries. Though queering has always been central to pop music, music that deals explicitly with LGBTIQ issues has reached a new phase in this societal development. Recently, several songs dealing explicitly with queer life, written by queer-identified artists and allies, have made the Finnish mainstream pop music charts. In this chapter, I discuss four examples of Finnish contemporary mainstream pop that deal specifically with the experiences of LGBTIQ people: ‘Ihmisten edessä’ [In front of everyone] by Jenni Vartiainen (2007a); ‘Kavereita’ [Friends] by Sini Yasemin (2016); ‘Jokainen on vähän homo’ [Everyone’s a little bit gay] by Jukka Takalo (2010); and ‘Lätkäjätkä-Ville’ [Hockey guy Ville] by Tuure Boelius (2018). By combining queer musicology with societally activist music research, my aim is to analyse how these songs and accompanying music videos communicate LGBTIQ activist messages.
  • Kondakov, Alexander (Edward Elgar, 2020)
    This chapter discusses the ways that regulation of sexuality takes in current Russia. Since 2013 when Russian legislature introduced a censorship law on ‘propaganda’ of homosexuality, courts have been tasked with decisions about what published materials or public actions constitute the ‘harmful’ content which this legislation seeks to ban. The following is the analysis of these decisions and other developments of regulation of sexuality that make up political and legal context. The main purpose of the study is to uncover a particular form of sexual subjectivity that judges convey through their texts. The use of Foucauldian discourse analysis helps to discover a split sexual subject who is simultaneously ‘born gay’ and chooses to become one. Such a structure of sexual subjectivity makes it possible to impose regulatory powers of the law.