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  • Tohni, Joonas (Helsingfors universitet, 2017)
    The objective of this study was to compare the efficiency and capacity of milking robot models manufactured by Lely. In this study, milking robot models Astronaut A2 and A3 were compared to the renewed model Astronaut A4. Renewed build and advanced technology of A4 model are expected to increase the efficiency and capacity compared to the previous models. Especially, the I-flow concept of cows entering and exiting to the milking parlor in renewed A4 model is faster than in the previous models. Due to this change the cows are supposed to visit the robot more frequently in case of the new model. Further, the increased number of the visits is expected to increase the milk yield of the cows. In this study, the data was collected with Lely’s benchmark function by the NHK farm counseling. Data was collected from six farms where milking robot was changed from A2 to A4 and from six farms where the change was from A3 to A4. From each farm two periods of 100 days were gathered during two months before and after the change of the milking robot. The effect of the robot change was analyzed from average values calculated from the period before and after the change. In detail, the compared variables were: milking per cow per day, refusals per cow per day, connection attempts, box time per visit, handling time, milking time, milk yield per milking, the milk flow rate, and free capacity. According to the results, the change of robot increased clearly the number of milking visits, refusals, and milk yield per cow. Number of milking visit rose by 11,9% and refusals by 58%. The number of refusals was probably effected by the large number of free capacity that did exist on some analyzed farms after the milking robot change. Cows daily milk yield grew by 3.9 kg according to the results. The analysis of the results was done by comparing the robot technology and the data collected by the robots and therefore. Barn conditions and cows feeding were not considered in results. According to the results of the study the average number of visits to the robot was higher in A4 model. Also, the shortened box time was found to increase milking visits per day in A4 model.