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  • Vuori, Miika; Aronen, Eeva; Sourander, Andre; Martikainen, Jaana E.; Jantunen, Tuulia; Saastamoinen, Leena (2018)
  • Sagath, L.; Lehtokari, V.-L.; Välipakka, S.; Udd, B.; Wallgren-Pettersson, C.; Pelin, K.; Kiiski, K. (2018)
    Background: Our previous array, the Comparative Genomic Hybridisation design (CGH-array) for nemaline myopathy (NM), named the NM-CGH array, revealed pathogenic copy number variation (CNV) in the genes for nebulin (NEB) and tropomyosin 3 (TPM3), as well as recurrent CNVs in the segmental duplication (SD), i.e. triplicate, region of NEB (TRI, exons 82-89, 90-97, 98-105). In the light of this knowledge, we have designed and validated an extended CGH array, which includes a selection of 187 genes known to cause neuromuscular disorders (NMDs). Objective: Our aim was to develop a reliable method for CNV detection in genes related to neuromuscular disorders for routine mutation detection and analysis, as a much-needed complement to sequencing methods. Methods: We have developed a novel custom-made 4×180 k CGH array for the diagnostics of NMDs. It includes the same tiled ultra-high density coverage of the 12 known or putative NM genes as our 8×60 k NM-CGH-array but also comprises a selection of 175 additional genes associated with NMDs, including titin (TTN), at a high to very high coverage. The genes were divided into three coverage groups according to known and potential pathogenicity in neuromuscular disorders. Results: The array detected known and putative CNVs in all three gene coverage groups, including the repetitive regions of NEB and TTN. Conclusions: The targeted neuromuscular disorder 4×180 k array-CGH (NMD-CGH-array v1.0) design allows CNV detection for a broader spectrum of neuromuscular disorders at a high resolution. © 2018 - IOS Press and the authors. All rights reserved.
  • Honkanen, Tuomas; Mäntysaari, M.; Leino, Tuomo; Avela, J.; Kerttula, L.; Haapamäki, V.; Kyröläinen, Heikki (2019)
    Background: A small cross sectional area (CSA) of the paraspinal muscles may be related to low back pain among military aviators but previous studies have mainly concentrated on spinal disc degeneration. Therefore, the primary aim of the study was to investigate the changes in muscle CSA and composition of the psoas and paraspinal muscles during a 5-year follow up among Finnish Air Force (FINAF) fighter pilots. Methods: Study population consisted of 26 volunteered FINAF male fighter pilots (age: 20.6 (±0.6) at the baseline). The magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examinations were collected at baseline and after 5 years of follow-up. CSA and composition of the paraspinal and psoas muscles were obtained at the levels of 3-4 and 4-5 lumbar spine. Maximal isometric strength tests were only performed on one occasion at baseline. Results: The follow-up comparisons indicated that the mean CSA of the paraspinal muscles increased (p <0.01) by 8% at L3-4 level and 7% at L4-5 level during the 5-year period. There was no change in muscle composition during the follow-up period. The paraspinal and psoas muscles' CSA was positively related to overall maximal isometric strength at the baseline. However, there was no association between LBP and muscle composition or CSA. Conclusions: The paraspinal muscles' CSA increased among FINAF fighter pilots during the first 5 years of service. This might be explained by physically demanding work and regular physical activity. However, no associations between muscle composition or CSA and low back pain (LBP) experienced were observed after the five-year follow-up. © 2019 The Author(s).
  • Fagerstedt, K.W.; Salonen, T.; Zhao, F.; Kytölä, S.; Böhling, T.; Andersson, L.C. (2018)
    Myxoinflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma is a soft-tissue neoplasm most frequently found in the distal extremities of middle-aged adults. Most myxoinflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma are low-grade tumors with propensity for local recurrence after incomplete removal. We report a myxoinflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma which developed in the foot of a 41-year-old male and showed an exceptionally aggressive course with metastatic spread and fatal outcome within 16 months. We managed to establish a spontaneously transformed continuous cell line, called JU-PI, from a metastatic lesion. The JU-PI cells have a sub-tetraploid karyotype including the 1;10 chromosomal translocation and amplification of the proximal end of 3p; these features are considered genetic signatures of myxoinflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma. Both the primary tumor and the JU-PI cells showed nuclear expression of the TFE3 transcription factor but TFE3-activating chromosomal rearrangements were not found. To our knowledge, JU-PI is the first established myxoinflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma cell line. JU-PI cells offer a tool for investigating the molecular oncology of myxoinflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma. © 2018, © The Author(s) 2018.
  • Pétas, Anssi; Lahdensuo, Kanerva; Kenttämies, Anu; Rannikko, Antti (2021)
    Eturauhassyövän tavanomaiset tutkimiskeinot - prostataspesifisen antigeenin (PSA) pitoisuuden mittaus, eturauhasen sormitunnustelu ja koepalojen järjestelmällinen ottaminen - eivät ole riittävän tarkkoja tunnistamaan potilaita, joilla on kohtalaisen tai suuren riskin syöpä. Toisaalta näillä keinoilla myös löydetään liikaa kliinisesti merkityksettömiä syöpiä eli potilaita ylidiagnosoidaan. Eturauhasen magneettikuvauksen avulla näytteenotto voidaan kohdentaa epäilyttävään pesäkkeeseen. Tällöin löydetään enemmän kliinisesti merkittäviä eturauhassyöpiä ja vähemmän merkityksettömiä syöpiä sekä tarvitaan vähemmän neulanäytteitä kuin totunnaisessa koepalojen otossa. Kohdennettujen näytteiden otto soveltuu ensimmäisiin koepaloihin, uusintakoepaloihin ja eturauhassyövän aktiiviseurantaan. Magneettikuvauksen ja kohdennettujen koepalojen ottamisen lisääminen eturauhassyövän alkuvaiheen tutkimuksiin muuttaa vallitsevia käytäntöjä merkittävästi. Magneettikuvaus ja koepalojen kohdistaminen kuvauslöydösten perusteella ovat tulleet eturauhassyöpädiagnostiikkaan jäädäkseen.
  • Kokko, Hanna; Jennions, Michael D; Houde, Anne (2007)
    The diversity of sexual traits favoured by females is enormous and, curiously, includes preferences for males with rare or novel phenotypes. We modelled the evolution of a preference for rarity that yielded two surprising results. First, a Fisherian 'sexy son' effect can boost female preferences to a frequency well above that predicted by mutation-selection balance, even if there are significant mortality costs for females. Preferences do not reach fixation, however, as they are subject to frequency-dependent selection: if choosy females are too common, then rare genotypes in one generation become common, and thus unattractive, in the offspring generation. Nevertheless, even at relatively low frequency, preferences maintain polymorphism in male traits. The second unexpected result is that the preferences can evolve to much higher frequencies if choice is hindered, such that females cannot always express their preferences. Our results emphasize the need to consider feedback where preferences determine the dynamics of male genotypes and vice versa. They also highlight the similarity between the arbitrariness of behavioural norms in models of social evolution with punishment (the so-called 'folk theorem') and the diversity of sexual traits that can be preferred simply because deviating from the norm produces unattractive offspring and is, in this sense, 'punished'.
  • Paavola, Mika; Malmivaara, Antti; Taimela, Simo; Kanto, Kari; Järvinen, Teppo L. N. (2017)
    Introduction: Arthroscopic subacromial decompression (ASD) is the most commonly performed surgical intervention for shoulder pain, yet evidence on its efficacy is limited. The rationale for the surgery rests on the tenet that symptom relief is achieved through decompression of the rotator cuff tendon passage. The primary objective of this superiority trial is to compare the efficacy of ASD versus diagnostic arthroscopy (DA) in patients with shoulder impingement syndrome (SIS), where DA differs only by the lack of subacromial decompression. A third group of supervised progressive exercise therapy (ET) will allow for pragmatic assessment of the relative benefits of surgical versus non-operative treatment strategies. Methods and Analysis: Finnish Subacromial Impingement Arthroscopy Controlled Trial is an ongoing multicentre, three-group randomised controlled study. We performed two-fold concealed allocation, first by randomising patients to surgical (ASD or DA) or conservative (ET) treatment in 2:1 ratio and then those allocated to surgery further to ASD or DA in 1:1 ratio. Our two primary outcomes are pain at rest and at arm activity, assessed using visual analogue scale (VAS). We will quantify the treatment effect as the difference between the groups in the change in the VAS scales with the associated 95% CI at 24 months. Our secondary outcomes are functional assessment (Constant score and Simple shoulder test), quality of life (15D and SF-36), patient satisfaction, proportions of responders and non-responders, reoperations/treatment conversions, all at 2 years post-randomisation, as well as adverse effects and complications. We recruited a total of 210 patients from three tertiary referral centres. We will conduct the primary analysis on the intention-to-treat basis. Ethics and Dissemination: The study was approved by the Institutional Review Board of the Pirkanmaa Hospital District and duly registered at The findings of this study will be disseminated widely through peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations. © 2017 Article author(s).
  • Ovaskainen, Otso; Hanski, Ilkka (2004)
    Spatially structured populations in patchy habitats show much variation in migration rate, from patchy populations in which individuals move repeatedly among habitat patches to classic metapopulations with infrequent migration among discrete populations. To establish a common framework for population dynamics in patchy habitats, we describe an individual-based model (IBM) involving a diffusion approximation of correlated random walk of individual movements. As an example, we apply the model to the Glanville fritillary butterfly (Melitaea cinxia) inhabiting a highly fragmented landscape. We derive stochastic patch occupancy model (SPOM) approximations for the IBMs assuming pure demographic stochasticity, uncorrelated environmental stochasticity, or completely correlated environmental stochasticity in local dynamics. Using realistic parameter values for the Glanville fritillary, we show that the SPOMs mimic the behavior of the IBMs well. The SPOMs derived from IBMs have parameters that relate directly to the life history and behavior of individuals, which is an advantage for model interpretation and parameter estimation. The modeling approach that we describe here provides a unified framework for patchy populations with much movements among habitat patches and classic metapopulations with infrequent movements.
  • Lundbom, Jesper; Bierwagen, Alessandra; Bodis, Kalman; Apostolopoulou, Maria; Szendroedi, Julia; Müssig, Karsten; Hwang, Jong-Hee; Roden, Michael (2019)
    Objectives There is a discrepancy between studies suggesting that higher bone marrow fat saturation is associated with impaired health, and studies suggesting that erythropoiesis increases red bone marrow (RBM) fat saturation in young healthy individuals. Here, we seeked to elucidate these discrepancies by using long TE magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) to study both yellow bone marrow (YBM) and RBM in the femur of healthy volunteers. Materials and methods Thirty-three young healthy volunteers (17 females), age range 20-31 years, underwent long TE H-1 MRS at 3.0 T of RBM and YBM fat composition in the left femur. The water content of the bone marrow depots was measured using short TE MRS. Results The female participants displayed a lower unsaturation in the sampled RBM volume (RBMV) than the males (P <0.01) without displaying a concomitant difference in YBM (P = 0.42). They also showed a higher water content and broader spectral linewidths in RBM (P = 0.04). The water content in RBM strongly associated with broader spectral linewidths (R = 0.887, P MUCH LESS-THAN 0.01) and inversely with RBMV fat unsaturation (R = - 0.365, P = 0.04). Discussion These results partly support the notion that females display higher rate of erythropoiesis and lower fat unsaturation in RBM.
  • Sutinen, Jussi; Matikainen, Niina (2017)
    HIV-potilaiden endokriinisten ongelmien kirjo on vaihtunut taudin muututtua kuolemaan johtavasta ¬immuunivajeesta krooniseksi sairaudeksi. Nykyään suurin osa HIV-potilaiden endokriinisista ongelmista diagnosoidaan ja hoidetaan samalla lailla kuin muidenkin potilaiden. Krooninen infektio ja HIV-lääkitys lisäävät osteoporoosin ja murtumien riskiä. Myös metaboliset haitat ja miesten hypogonadismi ovat yleisiä. HIV-lääkkeiden merkittävät yhteisvaikutukset on muistettava myös endokriinisia sairauksia hoidettaessa. Yhteisvaikutuksia voi ilmaantua esimerkiksi glukokortikoidien, tyroksiinin, kalsiumvalmisteiden ja statiinien kanssa.
  • Lehtinen, Matti; Nieminen, Pekka; Paavonen, Jorma (2018)
  • Koskela, Jenni (2021)
  • Lyyra, Markus (2018)
    Seitsemissäkymmenissä olevalla miehellä oli toistuvia poissaolokohtauksia. Huolestunut vaimo soitti hätäkeskukseen.
  • Ojala, Johanna; Bäcklund, Tom; Matikainen, Niina (2018)
  • Kivelä, Pia (2021)
  • Suomela, Jarkko (2018)
    50-vuotias mies hakeutui yksityislääkärin vastaanotolle puolison vaatimuksesta. Paino oli pudonnut lyhyessä ajassa niin, että lähipiirikin siitä huomautteli. Lisäksi hänellä oli kuumetta iltaisin.
  • Suomela, Jarkko (2018)
    50-vuotias mies hakeutui puolison vaatimuksesta yksityislääkärin vastaanotolle. Paino oli pudonnut lyhyessä ajassa 5 kg. Muutamia viikkoja aiemmin oli alkanut olla kuumetta iltapainotteisesti, ylimmillään 38,4 astetta, ja lisäksi yöhikoilua ilman muita merkittäviä infektion oireita.
  • Laitinen, Mika; Suomela, Jarkko (2018)
    Anamneesin kertaus 50-vuotias mies hakeutui puolison vaatimuksesta yksityislääkärin vastaanotolle painon putoamisen ja kuumeilun takia. Lääkäri kirjoitti lähetteen sisätautipoliklinikalle, mutta näköoireet ajoivat potilaanneurologian päivystykseen.