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  • Ciprini, S.; Valtonen, M.J.; Zola, S.; Goyal, A.; Pihajoki, P. (2017)
    The proper understanding of blazar variability at the various electromagnetic spectral bands is one goal of multifrequency astrophysics. In this frame a peculiar and controversial phenomenology is the periodicity, postulated for long-term radio or optical flux light curves of about a dozen of blazars. The well-known BL Lac object OJ 287 (PKS 0851+202, S3 0851+20, PG 0851+202, z = 0.306) is not only a high-variable, peculiar, extragalactic source with hints for approximatively cyclical optical outbursts, but it also represents a case of substantial intensive and extensive (long-term) multifrequency observations. This rich database allow us a deeper analysis based on a wide range of variability timescales with some recent results that are highlighted here. © Copyright owned by the author(s).