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  • de Faber, Jan Tjeerd; Kivelä, Tero T.; Gabel-Pfisterer, Ameli (2019)
    Fireworks-related eye injuries occur all over the world whenever fireworks are available for the public. The two prospective registers from Finland over 20 years and from the Netherlands over 10 years have tracked the effect of regulations, awareness, and safety campaigns. The incidence of fireworks-related injuries in these two countries has been reduced to about one half during the last 10 years through addressing the number of hours allowed for private fireworks, the use of safety glasses, awareness campaigns, and stricter regulations on fireworks available for purchase. Although the total number of injuries has decreased, the average severity of eye injuries in the Netherlands seems to have increased due to higher content of gunpowder in fireworks. Boys and young men are mainly affected as well as bystanders who account for more than half of fireworks-related eye injuries. More work on safety of fireworks is still needed through regulating private consumer use of fireworks, a challenge that lies ahead for ophthalmologic organizations worldwide, including the European Society of Ophthalmology (SOE), the International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) and national societies. But every eye saved from severe injury is worth the effort.