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  • Wanke, Dominic; Hausmann, Axel; Sihvonen, Pasi; Krogmann, Lars; Rajaei, Hossein (2020)
    The geometrid genera Synopsia Hubner, 1825 and Synopsidia Djakonov, 1935 are revised, both being earlier validated at genus rank. Type specimens, original descriptions and additional specimens from different localities were examined. The revision is based on morphological characters, molecular data and distribution records. As a result, Synopsidia syn. nov. is regarded as junior synonym of the genus Synopsia. The synonymies of the species Scodonia tekkearia Christoph, 1883 and Synopsia znojkoi Djakonov, 1935 with Synopsia phasidaria phasidaria (Rogenhofer, 1873) comb. nov. are confirmed. Furthermore, Synopsidia phasidaria alvandi Wiltshire, 1966 syn. nov., Synopsidia phasidaria ardschira Brandt, 1938 syn. nov., Synopsidia phasidaria chiraza Brandt, 1938 syn. nov., Hashtaresia jodes Wehrli, 1936 syn. nov. and Synopsidia phasidaria mirabica Wehrli, 1941 syn. nov. are regarded as synonyms of Synopsia phasidaria phasidaria (Rogenhofer, 1873) comb. nov.. Synopsia phasidaria afghana (Wiltshire, 1966) comb. nov. is tentatively validated at subspecific rank. Synopsia centralis (Wiltshire, 1966) comb. nov., bona sp. is upgraded from subspecies to species level. Wing pattern, as well as male and female genitalia and diagnostic characters of examined genera and species are illustrated and analyzed. The distribution patterns of Synopsia phasidaria comb. nov. and Synopsia centralis bona sp., as well as the type localities of all discussed taxa, are provided. A complete checklist of the genus is given.
  • Meier, Antje; Hannula, Markku S.; Toivanen, Miika (2018)
    Based on Dewey’s theory of art, aesthetics, and experiences and photographer Barnbaums’ writing about expanded perception through photography, we conducted a one-day experimental mathematics education unit. Using photography in outdoor conditions had a positive impact on teacher students’ perception of the use of photography for teaching mathematics. To study the changes in students’ visual attention deeper, we used gaze-tracking to analyse one student’s visual attention when walking outdoors after the activity. The gaze data indicated that more visual attention was given to objects he had photographed or discussed during the group activity in comparison to other objects.
  • Alekseychik, P. K.; Korrensalo, A.; Mammarella, I.; Vesala, Timo; Tuittila, E. -S. (2017)
    Leaf area index (LAI) is an important parameter in natural ecosystems, representing the seasonal development of vegetation and photosynthetic potential. However, direct measurement techniques require labor-intensive field campaigns that are usually limited in time, while remote sensing approaches often do not yield reliable estimates. Here we propose that the bulk LAI of sedges (LAI(s)) can be estimated alternatively from a micrometeorological parameter, the aerodynamic roughness length for momentum (z(0)). z(0) can be readily calculated from high-response turbulence and other meteorological data, typically measured continuously and routinely available at ecosystem research sites. The regressions of LAI versus z(0) were obtained using the data from two Finnish natural sites representative of boreal fen and bog ecosystems. LAI(s) was found to be well correlated with z(0) and sedge canopy height. Superior method performance was demonstrated in the fen ecosystem where the sedges make a bigger contribution to overall surface roughness than in bogs.
  • Wanke, Dominic; Krogmann, Lars; Murillo Ramos, Leidys Del Carmen; Sihvonen, Pasi; Rajaei, Hossein (2021)
    Within Iran, the Zagros Mountains show high biodiversity, with a wealth of endemic species. One of these is the geometrid moth Somatina wiltshirei Prout, 1938, originally described from Iran and Iraq. In the present study, one mitochondrial and up to nine protein-coding nuclear gene regions were used along with a comparative morphological examination to investigate the systematic position of this species. The results support the reclassification of this species as Problepsis wiltshirei comb. nov. Since the original species description is superficial, we provide a re-description supported by rich illustrations of morphological characters and distribution. In addition, Problepsis wiltshirei comb. nov. is reported as a new species for the fauna of Turkey. The importance of the habitat for the conservation of this species is discussed.
  • Hilppö, Jaakko; Lipponen, Lasse; Kumpulainen, Kristiina; Rajala, Antti (2017)
    In this study, we investigated how Finnish children used photographs and drawings to discuss their preschool day experiences in focus groups. Building on sociocultural perspectives on mediated action, we specifically focused on how these visual tools were used as mediational means in sharing experiences. The results of our embodied interaction analysis highlight the relevance of visual tools for the participants and the task at hand in the moment-to-moment, micro-level flow of interaction and its material environment. More specifically, our analysis illuminates different ways in which the visual tools were relevant for participating children and adults when sharing and talking about their experiences. In all, our study advances present-day understanding regarding how sociocultural and embodied interaction frameworks can guide visual research with children.