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  • Turunen, Pauliina (Helsingin yliopisto, 2018)
    The role of volunteering in our society has varied in different ages. Today, its role in our society has been established and its importance has been shown to be an important part of the maintenance and preservation of the welfare state. At the same time, however, it has been found that the commitment of volunteers to action is more challenging. It has also been decided to reflect on the benefits of volunteering; an individual or a society? The purpose of this thesis was to find out what the volunteers in the online services of the Save the Children Finland find out to be relevant to their involvement in the activity and what the commitment of online volunteers is all about. Previous studies have shown that volunteering motivation and voluntary commitment are both self-excited and self-directed motives. The theoretical framework of this thesis consists of examining the phenomenon at the social level and defining the concept through previous studies and literature. The material of the thesis consisted of nine online volunteer’s interviews from Save the Children Finland. The interviews were carried out by means of theme interviewing and material analysis in a phenomenological approach using the hermeneutical research record. The results of this thesis showed that there were many factors relevant to their own motives and commitment, which were dependent on themselves, the background organization and the object of the volunteer's work, that is to say, helping children and young people, of other volunteers as well as of society. Based on the results of the thesis, it can be stated that the volunteers' commitment consists of motives that are far from the self and the more self-motivated motives, which is why the commitment of volunteers should increasingly consider the personal needs and expectations of the individual.