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  • Kummala, Tiina (University of Helsinki, 1992)
  • Yrjönen, Teijo; Vuorela, Heikki; Kauppila, Tiina J. (2017)
    Desorption atmospheric pressure photoionization (DAPPI) is an ambient mass spectrometry (MS) technique that can be used for the analysis of polar and nonpolar compounds directly from surfaces. Here, the feasibility of DAPPI-MS in the screening of plant metabolites from dried Peucedanum palustre leaves and umbels was studied. DAPPI-MS requires no prior sample preparation or chromatographic separation, and the analysis can therefore be performed directly from the untreated plant material. P. palustre contains several linear and angular furanocoumarins, some of which are specific for the species. The DAPPI mass spectra of both leaf and umbel samples showed distinct ions at m/z 445 and 443 in positive and negative ion modes, respectively. MS2 analyses of these ions confirmed that the ions were the protonated and deprotonated molecules, respectively, of peulustrin and its isomers, which have only been identified from P. palustre. The direct analysis of dried plant material by DAPPI-MS was shown to provide a fast and reliable means to confirm the identity of plant materials, to study the metabolite profiles of plants, and to screen biologically relevant compounds from plant surfaces.
  • Jantunen, Siv (University of Helsinki, 1995)
  • Tammela, Päivi (University of Helsinki, 1997)
  • Sumelius, Siv (University of Helsinki, 1997)