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  • Harri, Ari-Matti; Schmidt, Walter; Romero, Pilar; Vázquez, Luis; Barderas, Gonzalo; Kemppinen, Osku; Aguirre, Carlos; Vázquez-Poleti, Jose Luis; Llorente, Ignacio M.; Haukka, Harri; Paton, Mark (2012)
    Raportteja - Rapporter - Reports 2012:2
    Abstract We present a general approach to study solar eclipses by Phobos on Mars: its parameterization and prediction.The validation of the model and the involved parameters is made with the already observed eclipses by previous Mars missions. Eclipse prediction is applied for the past Mars lander missions: Viking, Pathfinder and Phoenix, as well as for the future Mars MetNet Precursor Mission. A successful detection of eclipses could be used for the localization of landers and to study atmospheric properties. We also consider the data analysis, with special emphasis in the tomographic method to identify events which are very localized in space and time. Large computation requirements are needed for the implemented methods. To this propose an efficient Cloud Computing Network Infrastructure has been used.