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  • Heinonen, Elina (Helsingin yliopisto, 2018)
    The purpose of this thesis is to examine what aspects of their everyday life sixth-grade pupils find important. The second research question aims to find out what kind of experiences pupils have on a tool named Positive CV and the teaching of character strengths. The pupils have attended an intervention piloting Positive CV earlier the same academic year. The study was conducted as a case study. The data consists of five group interviews, where the interview method was a semi structured theme interview. The interviewees were pupils from a sixth grade class of a school in Southern Finland that took part in the Positive CV intervention earlier the same academic year. The data was analysed by applying Grounded theory method. The interviewees’ important aspects of everyday life were family, friends, free time, and school. According to the results of this research, the sixth graders considered teaching of character strengths and the Positive CV tool to be a welcomed addition to school. With the help of these, the pupils’ self-knowledge improved. The PCV tool also enabled the recognition of wide ranging knowledge. The results support the idea of the developmental ecosystem model of education, which suggests that the entire network of social interaction of pupils should be taken into consideration when planning on educational conventions. Teaching of character strengths and Positive CV could offer practical tools to promote well-being in schools as demanded in the curriculum and legislation. Learning happens in social interaction, and the recognition of the entire social network of pupils could support the well-being of pupils, both in and outside of school settings.