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  • Sillander, Kenneth; Remme, Jon Henrik Ziegler (Cambridge University Press, 2017)
  • Botez, Andrei; Hietanen, Joel; Tikkanen, Henrikki (2020)
    In this study, we critically examine the ongoing adoption of various posthumanist influences into the fields of marketing and consumer research from a theological perspective. By conducting a theological-historical assessment, we propose that it is not posthuman notions of human/technology relations, nor their broader context in the emerging non-representational paradigms, that mark radically new disruptions in the continuing restructuring of the disciplines of marketing and consumer research. Instead, we argue that what is taking place is an implicit adherence to a contemporary form of age-old Christian dogma. As a radical conjecture, we thus propose that an identification of certain similarities between Christian dogma and the grounds for various posthumanist frameworks suggest that posthuman thought may well herald the global dissemination of a far more elusive, authoritarian, and hegemonic system than that which posthumanists typically claim to have abandoned. Consequently, we elaborate on implications to developments in marketing thought.
  • Penttinen, Elina (Routledge, 2018)
    My objective in this chapter is to open up discussion how rethinking and re-evaluating unquestioned assumptions or scientific paradigm can enhance the practice of IR scholarship in contemporary world marked by crisis, instability, insecurity and growing global inequalities. Global financial crisis, war on terror, climate change and the increasing flow of refugees demand us to recognize the interconnectedness of politics, policies, society, nature and culture. In this regard I see the potential of non-fragmented onto-epistemology as a way to move beyond the limitations of IR which I see relying in the ontology of separation and metaphysical individualism