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  • PHENIX Collaboration; Adare, A.; Kim, D. J.; Novitzky, N.; Rak, J. (2018)
    We present measurements of two-particle angular correlations between high-transverse-momentum (2 <pT <11 GeV/c) pi(0) observed at midrapidity (|eta| <0.35) and particles produced either at forward (3.1 <eta <3.9) or backward (-3.7 <eta <-3.1) rapidity in d + Au and p + p collisions at root s(NN) = 200 GeV. The azimuthal angle correlations for particle pairs with this large rapidity gap in the Au-going direction exhibit a characteristic structure that persists up to pT approximate to 6 GeV/c and which strongly depends on collision centrality, which is a similar characteristic to the hydrodynamical particle flow in A + A collisions. The structure is absent in the d-going direction as well as in p + p collisions, in the transverse-momentum range studied. The results indicate that the structure is shifted in the Au-going direction toward more central collisions, similar to the charged-particle pseudorapidity distributions.
  • PHENIX Collaboration; Adare, A.; Kim, D. J.; Novitzky, N.; Rak, J. (2018)
    Asymmetric nuclear collisions of p + Al, p + Au, d + Au, and He-3 + Au at root S-NN = 200 GeV provide an excellent laboratory for understanding particle production, as well as exploring interactions among these particles after their initial creation in the collision. We present measurements of charged hadron production dN(ch)/d eta in all such collision systems over a broad pseudorapidity range and as a function of collision multiplicity. A simple wounded quark model is remarkably successful at describing the full data set. We also measure the elliptic flow 12 over a similarly broad pseudorapidity range. These measurements provide key constraints on models of particle emission and their translation into flow.