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  • Baddam, Vikram; Valinen, Lauri; Tenhu, Heikki (2021)
    Poly [(vinylbenzyl) trimethylammonium chloride] (PVBTMAC) has been used as a stabilizer in the polymerization-induced self-assembly polymerizations of diacetone acrylamide (DAAM). A whole spectrum of particle morphologies was obtained simply by adjusting the ionic strength of the reaction mixtures; no dilution of the cationic charges with noncharged comonomers or with noncharged polymers was needed. In addition to the ionic strength, the effects of solid content and the length of the PDAAM block on the morphologies of the particles were studied in detail. The experiments are a continuation to previous studies on solution properties of PVBTMAC. It has been shown earlier that the solubility of the polycation may be tuned with counterions. Hydrophobic triflate ions induce an upper critical solution temperature behavior. In the present case, the chains bound to hydrophobic cores of the particles show either a one-step phase separation in aqueous triflate solutions or under certain conditions, a two-step transition. The step-wise transition is typical for responsive polymers with limited mobility.