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  • Sanz-Navarro, Maria; Delgado, Irene; Torres, Miguel; Mustonen, Tuija; Michon, Frederic; Rice, David P. (2019)
    MEIS1 is a key developmental regulator of several organs and participates in stem cell maintenance in different niches. However, despite the murine continuously growing incisor being a well described model for the study of adult stem cells, Meis1 has not been investigated in a dental context. Here, we uncover that Meis1 expression in the tooth is confined to the epithelial compartment. Its expression arises during morphogenesis and becomes restricted to the mouse incisor epithelial stem cell niche, the labial cervical loop. Meis1 is specifically expressed by Sox2(+) stem cells, which give rise to all dental epithelial cell lineages. Also, we have found that Meis1 in the incisor is coexpressed with potential binding partner Pbx1 during both embryonic and adult stages. Interestingly, Meis2 is present in different areas of the forming tooth and it is not expressed by dental epithelial stem cells, suggesting different roles for these two largely homologous genes. Additionally, we have established the expression patterns of Meis1 and Meis2 during tongue, hair, salivary gland and palate formation. Finally, analysis of Meis1-null allele mice indicated that, similarly, to SOX2, MEIS1 is not essential for tooth initiation, but might have a role during adult incisor renewal.
  • Kulyyassov, Arman; Kalendar, Ruslan (2020)
    High-throughput sequencing technologies have greatly accelerated the progress of genomics, transcriptomics, and metagenomics. Currently, a large amount of genomic data from various organisms is being generated, the volume of which is increasing every year. Therefore, the development of methods that allow the rapid search and analysis of DNA sequences is urgent. Here, we present a novel motif-based high-throughput sequence scoring method that generates genome information. We found and identified Utf1-like, Fgf4-like, and Hoxb1-like motifs, which are cis-regulatory elements for the pluripotency transcription factors Sox2 and Oct4 within the genomes of different eukaryotic organisms. The genome-wide analysis of these motifs was performed to understand the impact of their diversification on mammalian genome evolution. Utf1-like, Fgf4-like, and Hoxb1-like motif diversity was evaluated across genomes from multiple species.
  • Brunelli, Matteo; Bria, Emilio; Nottegar, Alessia; Cingarlini, Sara; Simionato, Francesca; Calio, Anna; Eccher, Albino; Parolini, Claudia; Iannucci, Antonio; Gilioli, Eliana; Pedron, Serena; Massari, Francesco; Tortora, Giampaolo; Borze, Florentina Ioana; Knuutila, Sakari; Gobbo, Stefano; Santo, Antonio; Tondulli, Luca; Calabro, Francesco; Martignoni, Guido; Chilosi, Marco (2012)