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  • Stefanov, Plamen; Uhlmann, Gunther; Vasy, Andras (2018)
    We study the isotropic elastic wave equation in a bounded domain with boundary. We show that local knowledge of the Dirichlet-to-Neumann map determines uniquely the speed of the p-wave locally if there is a strictly convex foliation with respect to it, and similarly for the s-wave speed.
  • Lassas, Matti; Oksanen, Lauri; Stefanov, Plamen; Uhlmann, Gunther (2020)
    We study the weighted light ray transform L of integrating functions on a Lorentzian manifold over lightlike geodesics. We analyze L as a Fourier Integral Operator and show that if there are no conjugate points, one can recover the spacelike singularities of a function f from its the weighted light ray transform Lf by a suitable filtered back-projection.