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  • Koivisto, Mika; Kirjanen, Svetlana; Revonsuo, Antti; Kallio, Sakari (2013)
  • Hiltunen, Seppo; Karevaara, Maria; Virta, Maarit; Makkonen, Tommi; Kallio, Sakari; Paavilainen, Petri (2021)
    EEG spectral-power density was analyzed in a group of nine highly hypnotizable subjects via ten frontal, central, parietal, and occipital electrodes under four conditions: 1) wake state, 2) neutral hypnosis, 3) hypnotic suggestion for altering perception of tones, and 4) post-hypnosis. Results indicate no theta-power changes between conditions, challenging previous findings that increased theta power is a marker of hypnosis. A decrease in gamma power under hypnotic suggestion and an almost significant decrease under neutral hypnosis were observed, compared to post-hypnosis. Anteroposterior power distribution remained stable over all conditions. The results are discussed and compared to earlier studies, which report heterogenous findings.