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  • Baryshnikov, I.; Suvisaari, J.; Aaltonen, K.; Koivisto, Maaria; Naatanen, P.; Karpov, Boris; Melartin, T.; Oksanen, J.; Suominen, K.; Heikkinen, Martti; Paunio, T.; Joffe, G.; Isometsa, E. (2016)
    Background: Distinguishing between symptoms of schizotypal (SPD) and borderline personality disorders (BPD) is often difficult due to their partial overlap and frequent co-occurrence. We investigated correlations in self-reported symptoms of SPD and BPD in questionnaires at the levels of both total scores and individual items, examining overlapping dimensions. Methods: Two questionnaires, the McLean Screening Instrument (MSI) for BPD and the Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire Brief (SPQ-B) for SPD, were filled in by patients with mood disorders (n = 282) from specialized psychiatric care in a study of the Helsinki University Psychiatric Consortium. Correlation coefficients between total scores and individual items of the MSI and SPQ-B were estimated. Multivariate regression analysis (MRA) was conducted to examine the relationships between SPQ-B and MSI. Results: The Spearman's correlation between total scores of the MSI and SPQ-B was strong (rho = 0.616, P <0.005). Items of MSI reflecting disrupted relatedness and affective dysregulation correlated moderately (r(phi) varied between 0.2 and 0.4, P <0.005) with items of SPQ. Items of MSI reflecting behavioural dysregulation correlated only weakly with items of SPQ. In MRA, depressive symptoms, sex and MSI were significant predictors of SPQ-B score, whereas symptoms of anxiety, age and SPQ-B were significant predictors of MSI score. Conclusions: Items reflecting cognitive-perceptual distortions and affective symptoms of BPD appear to overlap with disorganized and cognitive-perceptual symptoms of SPD. Symptoms of depression may aggravate self-reported features of SPQ-B, and symptoms of anxiety features of MSI. Symptoms of behavioural dysregulation of BPD and interpersonal deficits of SPQ appear to be non-overlapping. (C) 2016 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.