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  • d'Enterria, David; Eskola, Kari J.; Helenius, Ilkka; Paukkunen, Hannu (2014)
  • Caron-Huot, Simon; Herranen, Matti (2018)
    The Balitsky-Kovchegov equation describes the high-energy growth of gauge theory scattering amplitudes as well as nonlinear saturation effects which stop it. We obtain the three-loop corrections to the equation in planar N = 4 super Yang-Mills theory. Our method exploits a recently established equivalence with the physics of soft wide-angle radiation, so-called non-global logarithms, and thus yields at the same time the three-loop evolution equation for non-global logarithms. As a by-product of our analysis, we develop a Lorentz-covariant method to subtract infrared and collinear divergences in cross-section calculations in the planar limit. We compare our result in the linear regime with a recent prediction for the so-called Pomeron trajectory, and compare its collinear limit with predictions from the spectrum of twist-two operators.
  • The CMS collaboration; Sirunyan, A. M.; Eerola, P.; Kirschenmann, H.; Pekkanen, J.; Voutilainen, M.; Järvinen, T.; Karimäki, V.; Kinnunen, R.; Lampén, T.; Lassila-Perini, K.; Lehti, S.; Lindén, T.; Luukka, P.; Tuominen, E.; Tuominiemi, J.; Talvitie, J.; Tuuva, T. (2018)
    Measurements of differential cross sections d sigma/d phi* and double-differential cross sections d(2)sigma/ld phi*d/y/ for inclusive Z boson production are presented using the dielectron and dimuon final states. The kinematic observable phi* correlates with the dilepton transverse momentum but has better resolution, and y is the dilepton rapidity. The analysis is based on data collected with the CMS experiment at a centre-of-mass energy of 8 TeV corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 19.7 fb(-1). The normalised cross section (1/sigma) d sigma/d phi*, within the fiducial kinematic region, is measured with a precision of better than 0.5% for phi* <1. The measurements are compared to theoretical predictions and they agree, typically, within few percent.
  • Helenius, Ilkka; Paukkunen, Hannu (2018)
    We introduce a novel realization of the open heavy-flavour hadroproduction in general-mass variable flavour number scheme at next-to-leading order in perturbative QCD. The principal novelty with respect to the earlier works is in the treatment of small transverse-momentum limit, which has been a particularly challenging kinematic region in the past. We show that by a suitable choice of scheme, it is possible to obtain a well-behaved description of the open heavy-flavour hadroproduction cross sections from zero up to asymptotically high transverse momentum. We contrast our calculation with the available D-meson data as measured by the LHCb and ALICE collaborations at the LHC, finding a very good agreement within the theoretical and experimental uncertainties. We also compare our framework with other theoretical approaches.