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  • Gilmore, Clifford (2019)
    We identify concrete examples of hypercyclic generalised derivations acting on separable ideals of operators and establish some necessary conditions for their hypercyclicity. We also consider the dynamics of elementary operators acting on particular Banach algebras, which reveals surprising hypercyclic behaviour on the space of bounded linear operators on the Banach space constructed by Argyros and Haydon.
  • Gilmore, Clifford; Saksman, Eero; Tylli, Hans-Olav (2017)
    We investigate the hypercyclic properties of commutator operators acting on separable Banach ideals of operators. As the main result we prove the commutator map induced by scalar multiples of the backward shift operator fails to be hypercyclic on the space of compact operators on . We also establish several necessary conditions which identify large classes of operators that do not induce hypercyclic commutator maps.
  • Ritari, Jarmo; Koskinen, Kaisa; Hultman, Jenni; Kurola, Jukka M.; Kymäläinen, Maritta; Romantschuk, Martin; Paulin, Lars; Auvinen, Petri (2012)