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  • Eklund, Jonna (Helsingin yliopisto, 2019)
    Vaccine uptake has been low for some vaccines in the Pietarsaari region in Finland. Among health care workers vaccine uptake has been low for the influenza vaccine. This qualitative study intends to answer questions about what kind of attitudes and thoughts health care workers have towards vaccination and which factors affect the attitudes. This study consists of 23 semi-structured interviews and three focus-group interviews with health care workers in the Pietarsaari region. The interviews were conducted in June-July 2017 and were analyzed with qualitative content analysis. The general attitude towards vaccination is positive amongst the health care workers. Vaccines are seen as fundamental protection against diseases and are an important part of health prevention. Many informants trust the authorities and research conducted about vaccines. Yet some informants are hesitant about certain vaccines. Vaccines, which are called unnecessary or risky, varies between the informants. Reasons for refusing vaccines are preference of natural immunity, negative experiences of vaccination, for example adverse effects, or the attitude that ”we can ́t vaccinate against everything”. Furthermore, the concerns about vaccines have increased since 2009, when the swine flu vaccination was associated with severe adverse effects. Health care workers also oppose the compulsory vaccination of the influenza vaccine.