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  • Salonen, Milla (Helsingin yliopisto, 2019)
    Objectives. The objective of this thesis was to examine the perceptions of first and second year teacher students studying early childhood education at the University of Helsinki on the meaning of the role of the adult in play within the context of early childhood education. The expectation of the thesis was to acquire insight into the gradually forming perception and understanding of the students on the role of the playing adult and how this process is influenced by their own personal play experiences, their approach towards the importance of play and their experiences in education and working life. Methods. The methodological approach was based on a phenomenographic method. Essentially a mixed method study in which quantitative and qualitative phases followed one another, these approaches were applied simultaneously during both the acquisition of the research material and the analysis. The research material was collected via an internet survey in which the participants were voluntary students interested in the topic. During the process of answering the research questions, two different sets of data acquired from questionnaires was utilized. The methods of analysis were both qualitative (content analysis based on the research material) and quantitative (cluster and factor analysis). Results and conclusions. Overall the thesis reveals that the students had a positive attitude towards play and the role of the adult within the context of play. While the participants provided little direct criticism towards play or the role of the adult, they acknowledged the challenges when attempting to find a balance between active and passive participation in play. The results concerning the possibilities and challenges in the role of the adult during play also reflect phenomena common in the field. The study shows that when reflecting on their own play experiences that often stemmed from childhood, the participants found meaningful connections to the meaning of play and the role of the playing adult. Teacher education within the context of early childhood education has an integral role in reinforcing the perception of future teachers as regard the significance of play in the development and well-being of children and in supporting the development of the role of the playing adult.