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  • Edvardsson, Mari (Helsingin yliopisto, 2020)
    Tiivistelmä - Referat - Abstract Aim of the Study: Firstly, the purpose of this study is to examine how teachers are supporting students and what kind of obstacles they face. Secondly, the purpose was to examine teachers experiences of support and it`s significance for society. This study is important and current. Resent studies have shown that supporting students in their studies has influence for student`s advancements of studies and prevents discontinuing studies. Also, the new legislation obligates teachers to plan for students an individual way to continue studies and support student s in many ways, even if, in the same time the financial support of vocational education has changed and decreased. Methods: This study was conducted using qualitative methods and it was based on the theme interviews of seven vocational teachers. One of them was working as a special vocational teacher. The theme interviews were analysed by using a qualitative analytic technique as the inductive content analysis method. Results and Conclusions: Firstly, teachers were supporting students in many ways. In this study teachers were supporting students in life management, learning and in difficult life situations. In the most severe cases, such as mental health issues and substance misuse issues, students did need occupational help from social and health services. Secondly, vocational teachers were also facing obstacles in supporting students. These obstacles that they were facing included lack of resources like time. Teachers considered importance in supporting students in equal ways, but they were facing obstacles to do so because of the large amount of support that was needed. Thirdly, there were also some vocational teachers who did not consider supporting students to be part of their work, only in the learning issues. On the other hand, some of the teachers considered the support of students have more wider consequences in the society: preventing discontinuing studies and social exclusion and it`s economical influence. From the point of view of social policy and preventing social exclusion, teacher`s role and how they will be educated, have importance in how students will be supported also in other things than just their learning issues. Also, the teacher education has an important role. It would be important to include in the teaching plans the issues considering the supporting students in different ways, not only about difficulties in learning. Vocational teacher needs competence to work in different kinds of networks also with student welfare services and with guardians. Vocational teachers need knowledge about social services and capability to guide students in these services. It demands the courage from teachers to meet students comprehensively. It is needed to develop the forms of vocational teaching and to do individual plans for the students and it is needed to provide more time for graduate for those who need it. Vocational education should have more resources to support students in many ways and possibilities to co-operate with all teachers, vocational counselors, vocational special teachers and with the whole student welfare services. These are the most important ways to prevent students to discontinue studies and to prevent social exclusion.