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  • Rantala, Emilia (Helsingin yliopisto, 2019)
    The research focuses on the views and experiences of professional youtubers and about where they have acquired their knowledge and skills. Also, how they develop their expertise is at the heart of the review, as there is no actual training in the profession of a youtuber. The aim of the study is to outline the different dimensions of knowledge and the areas that a person needs in his / her work. The context of the research is competence, competence development and new work. The labor market of the future requires updating skills, and through this research it is possible to look at the demands of the skills of such a new work represented by the youtubers in this study. The material consists of four interviews in which the most successful tubers in Finland tell about their own work and describe the related skills and areas of expertise. The analysis proceeds according to content analysis, where I summarize the categories of different competencies emerging from the interviewees' stories. On the basis of the analysis, four top classes describing the skills of professional youtubers were gathered: Technical skills, self-management skills, professional skills and networking skills. Under these four upper classes, there are even more sub-categories that define the skills required in the work of youtubers. The categories of competence are not intended to cover the skills and requirements of the entire profession, but to gain access to the individual's own expertise and development. Through the results, it is also possible to get more information on about the youtubers work, that represents new manifestations of worklife. The results show how new ways of working have come to stay and there is no return to the old bureaucratic organization style of work in these young people's expectations. Expertise and its development were seen as a self-contained factor. The future as a professional youtuber was seen as unstable, but still unlimited and bright. New forms of work and the changing attitudes of young people towards work require more research at a single level. New larger phenomena are often formed through micro-phenomena and when these micro-phenomena can be accessed early enough, greater changes could be better anticipated.