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  • Kovanen, Janne; Mäkinen, Ville; Sarjakoski, Tapani (IARIA, 2018)
    GEOProcessing, International Conference on Advanced Geographic Information Systems, Applications, and Services
    The increasing quantity and use of high-resolution raster data has put its management in the forefront of development. In this paper, we describe an approach that can be used to assess the capabilities of Array Database Management Systems (DBMSs) regarding the management and processing of raster data. The paper presents a framework that can be used to compare the functionalities of Array DBMSs and benchmark them. The main feature of the framework is assessing functionality using both targeted test cases and benchmarking. This assessment is followed by leveraging the gained experiences to assess non-functionality using characteristics from existing quality models. The framework can be extended by further DBMSs, benchmarks and additional hardware resources. The assessment was first implemented for the community editions of SciDB and rasdaman. The study presents some key initial observations regarding the particular Array DBMSs.