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  • Nykänen, Harri (Helsingfors universitet, 2016)
    Nowadays, the companies all over the world have increased the importance of customer measurement. However, in most cases, the measuring methods are only concentrating on the customer satisfaction. Furthermore, those companies are also developing services and products, in hopes of improving the satisfaction of their customers. Although these developments are aiming a customer orientated business, it is difficult to make profit if expanded the services and products are not projecting the final price and the customer profitability. The constant adaption of the needs of every customer leads to very inefficient result and a low productivity which won’t generate in the best possible outcome. This thesis is concentrating on the first part of the managing customer profitability, measuring how much each customer segment is using resources from the company. That is put into perspective on how much each customer segment is profitable. When both incomes and costs can be targeted to each customer group, the customer profitability can be measured. Furthermore, the customer satisfaction is compared to how much one has used resources from the company. When the company has knowledge on how to satisfy their customers, it can develop this satisfaction and additional operations can be terminated. This will improve the efficiency and productivity, leading to a better profitability. This is a public version of the final work where all confidential information concerning actual business figures has been removed.