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  • Käpylä, Petri J.; Mantere, Maarit (2011)
    Numerical simulations of the magnetorotational instability (MRI) with zero initial net flux in a non-stratified isothermal cubic domain are used to demonstrate the importance of magnetic boundary conditions. In fully periodic systems the level of turbulence generated by the MRI strongly decreases as the magnetic Prandtl number (Pm), which is the ratio of kinematic viscosity and magnetic diffusion, is decreased. No MRI or dynamo action below Pm=1 is found, agreeing with earlier investigations. Using vertical field conditions, which allow magnetic helicity fluxes out of the system, the MRI is found to be excited in the range 0.1
  • Pihajoki, Pauli; Rantala, Antti; Johansson, Peter H. (2017)
    We discuss the problem of polarized radiative transfer in general relativity. We present a set of equations suitable for solving the problem numerically for the case of an arbitrary space-time metric, and show numerical solutions to example problems. The solutions are computed with a new ray-tracing code, Arcmancer, developed by the authors.