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  • Törrönen, Sari (2020)
    The aim of this study was to research how authenticity was actualized in school language teaching. The research questions were targeted at analysis and interpretation of pupils’ experiences and views on Swedish language training and use ,when they were doing the given tasks either in or outside of the classroom. The different theoretical definitions of authenticity, suitable for a school context, worked as a base for my own definition.The study consisted of two groups of basic education pupils of which 22 were fourthgraders and 11-13 fifth grades. They were all studying Swedish as an optional subject. The study was carried out as a collective case study and contained five tasks of which three were done in the classroom (the 4th graders) and two out of the classroom (the 5th graders). The data were gathered mainly by questionnaires, but also through observation. According to the research findings, a majority of pupils felt that using the foreign language outside of the classroom was in many cases pleasant, meaningful and sometimes even easy. However, because of their limited language skills, many of them needed assistance, either visual or verbal, during and before the out of the classroom training. The research findings show that the authentic classroom tasks supported foreign language learning in many ways. Words, sentences and pronouncingwere learned by repeating,writing and using themin speech. The typical features of the communicative tasks were also an important part of learning. Among other things, pupil’s autonomy and teamwork were highly appreciated when the tasks’ attractiveness was assessed. The research findings can be especiallyutilised in language teachers’ everyday work, but also in teacher education and workshops.The future research, related to this kind of tasks, should be focused on learners’ learning: what, and how well, they actually learn when they are working with authentic tasks. Also, the use of authentic material and out of the classroom training should be more widely researched in education.