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  • Snell, Karoliina (2019)
    In Finland, as well as all over the globe, great weight is put on the possibilities of large data collections and ‘big data’ for generating economic growth, enhancing medical research, and boosting health and wellbeing in totally new ways. This massive data gathering and usage is justified by the moral principle of improving health. The imperative of health thus legitimizes data collection, new infrastructures and innovation policy. It is also supported by the rhetoric of health promotion. New arrangements in health research and innovations in the health sector are justified, as they produce health, while the moral principle of health also obligates individual persons to pursue healthy lifestyles and become healthy citizens. I examine how, in this context of Finnish data-driven medicine, arguments related to privacy and autonomy become silenced when contrasted with the moral principle of health.
  • Hämäläinen, Iiro; Törnwall, Outi; Simell, Birgit; Zatloukal, Kurt; Perola, Markus; van Ommen, Gert-Jan B. (2019)
    Public-private partnerships (PPP) are an efficient means to advance scientific discoveries and boost the medical innovations needed to improve precision medicine. The increasing number and novel nature of such collaborations is keeping the biomedical field in a constant flux. Here we provide an update on PPP development involving academic biobanks in the BBMRI community (the European Biobanking and BioMolecular Resources Research Infrastructure) and report the views on PPP of 20 key players from this field. The interviewed academic representants broadly show interest for their institution to establish PPP and initiate or partner with BBMRI expert centers. The results indicate that PPP has gained foothold in this area of biomedical research, with great promise to facilitate access to samples and data and to improve data interoperability and reproducibility.