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  • Nousiainen, Markus (Helsingin yliopisto, 2020)
    Rise in popularity of Cloud computing has introduced new challenges for IT-governance. The multitude of different services and possible configurations Cloud providers offer can make it hard to get a comprehensive overview of the environment. To successfully govern an organisations Cloud environment it is important to be able to easily make accurate and reliable observations of the environments state, security, and changes to the configurations. This thesis takes a look into the research literature to find out what kinds of risks have been identified in governing the Cloud environment and ways to mitigate them. One of the latest advancements in improving the Cloud governance is the introduction of automated formal reasoning tools for configuration analysis. One customer case where multiple vendors are building services on multiple cloud accounts is used as an example. Architecture for application, security, and audit log collection, indexing, and monitoring is described. Special attention is given to the identity and access management requirements. The thesis concludes with the assessment of the selected approach and tools and services used to implement it. Some alternative solutions, possible improvements, and further development to the implementation are considered.
  • Bianco, Angelica; Passananti, Monica; Brigante, Marcello; Mailhot, Gilles (2020)
    This review paper describes briefly the cloud aqueous phase composition and deeply its reactivity in the dark and mainly under solar radiation. The role of the main oxidants (hydrogen peroxide, nitrate radical, and hydroxyl radical) is presented with a focus on the hydroxyl radical, which drives the oxidation capacity during the day. Its sources in the aqueous phase, mainly through photochemical mechanisms with H2O2, iron complexes, or nitrate/nitrite ions, are presented in detail. The formation rate of hydroxyl radical and its steady state concentration evaluated by different authors are listed and compared. Finally, a paragraph is also dedicated to the sinks and the reactivity of the HO center dot radical with the main compounds found in the cloud aqueous phase. This review presents an assessment of the reactivity in the cloud aqueous phase and shows the significant potential impact that this medium can have on the chemistry of the atmosphere and more generally on the climate.
  • Liukkonen, Jussi (Helsingin yliopisto, 2020)
    Tässä tutkielmassa käydään läpi jatkuvan integraation ja toimittamisen suunnittelu ja toteutus sovelluksille, jotka pyörivät pilvipalveluissa. Jatkuvaa integraatiota ja toimittamista sovelletaan usein vain yhteen sovellukseen keskittyen, tässä tapauksessa samaa jatkuvan integraation ja toimittamisen putkea on tarkoitus käyttää useissa kymmenissä eri sovelluksessa siten, että putken ylläpito ja kehitys voidaan toteuttaa yhtenä kokonaisuutena. Toteutus on tehty GitLabin jatkuvalla integraatiolla, jonka avulla helpotetaan sovellusten kehitystä. Sovellukset pyörivät Docker konteissa, joita hallitaan konttien hallintaympäristö Kubernetesissa, joka on sijoitettuna Microsoft Azuren pilvipalveluun. Tutkielmassa käydään tapaustutkimuksen pohjaksi läpi Dockerin, Kubernetesin, Azuren sekä GitLab CI:n toiminnan perusteita.