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  • Heino, Ronja (Helsingin yliopisto, 2018)
    Aims. Drama education in schools has been previously seen as an important learning tool, because the focus of drama is on communication skills, pupils enjoy it and it improves the cohesion in goup. Even though drama is mentioned 75 times in the new curriculum of 2014, it is not an independent school subject. The conception of drama education is unclear to many teachers and planning drama classes is complicated.The aim of this study is to describe novice teacher’s conceptions about the importance, specificities and challenges of teaching drama. Methodology. This study was a qualitative case study. The subject of this study was semi-structured theme interviews of five novice teachers, who all had been specialized on drama education and had been working as a teacher less than three years. The data was analyzed by using content analysis. Results and conclusions. The interviewed teachers thought drama is challenging but important way of teaching. The good qualities of drama included the positive attitude of the pupils, the diverse between drama and other school subjects, and improving communication and social skills. Drama was considered challenging and exhausting subject to teach as well. All of the interviewees considered drama valuable despite of the challenges.