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  • Crespo, L.C.; Domenech, M; Enguídanos, A.; Malumbres-Olarte, Jagoba; Cardoso, Pedro; Moya-Larano, J; Frias-Lopez, Cristina; Macias Hernandez, Nuria Esther; de Mas, Eva; Mazzuca, Paola; Mora, E.; Opatova, Vera; Planas, Enric; Ribera, Carles; Roca-Cusachs, M.; Ruiz, D.; Sousa, Pedro; Tonzo, V.; Arnedo, M.A. (2018)
    Background A large scale semi-quantitative biodiversity assessment was conducted in white oak woodlands in areas included in the Spanish Network of National Parks, as part of a project aimed at revealing biogeographic patterns and identify biodiversity drivers. The semi-quantitative COBRA sampling protocol was conducted in sixteen 1-ha plots across six national parks using a nested design. All adult specimens were identified to species level based on morphology. Uncertain delimitations and identifications due to either limited information of diagnostic characters or conflicting taxonomy were further investigated using DNA barcode information. New information We identified 376 species belonging to 190 genera in 39 families, from the 8,521 adults found amongst the 20,539 collected specimens. Faunistic results include the discovery of 7 new species to the Iberian Peninsula, 3 new species to Spain and 11 putative new species to science. As largely expected by environmental features, the southern parks showed a higher proportion of Iberian and Mediterranean species than the northern parks, where the Palearctic elements were largely dominant. The analysis of approximately 3,200 DNA barcodes generated in the present study, corroborated and provided finer resolution to the morphologically based delimitation and identification of specimens in some taxonomically challenging families. Specifically, molecular data confirmed putative new species with diagnosable morphology, identified overlooked lineages that may constitute new species, confirmed assignment of specimens of unknown sexes to species and identified cases of misidentifications and phenotypic polymorphisms.
  • Kahanpää, Jere (2013)
    Eighteen species of long-legged flies (Dolichopodidae) are reported as new to Finland. A further species, Microphorella praecox (Loew), is confirmed as a Finnish species. The status of Hydrophorus callosoma Frey, 1915 is re-evaluated and a lectotype is designated for the species. H. albosignatus Ringdahl, 1919 is found to be a junior synonym of H. callosoma (syn. n.). Characters for identifying both sexes of H. callosoma and H. altivagus Aldrich are presented and illustrated with high-quality photographs. Keywords
  • Kahanpaa, Jere; Winqvist, Kaj; Zeegers, Theo (2014)
    A checklist of the ‘lower Brachycera’ of Finland is presented. This part of the complete checklist of Finnish Diptera covers the families Acroceridae, Asilidae, Athericidae, Bombyliidae, Mythicomyiidae, Rhagionidae, Scenopinidae, Stratiomyidae, Tabanidae, Therevidae, Xylomyidae and Xylophagidae.
  • Kahanpaa, Jere (2014)
    Nearly thirty-five years have passed since Hackman published his “Check list of the Finnish Diptera” (1980). The number of true flies (Diptera) known from Finland has increased by more than two thousand species since then. At the same time, hundreds of erroneous records have been recognized and purged from the checklist. ZooKeys issue 441 provides a new checklist of the Diptera species of the Republic of Finland. This introductory paper presents the rationale behind the project, provides technical documentation on the checklist format and sources used, and summarizes the results. The remaining papers in this issue cover one or more Diptera families in detail. Two electronic appendices are provided: supporting data (additional references to first published records and the previous checklist) and a complete list of Finnish Diptera taxa in Darwin Core compliant format for easy computer access and processing. The new checklist records 6920 fly species from Finland, 2932 belonging to the nematoceran or lower flies and 3989 to the suborder Brachycera. The changes since 1980 are most prominent in the Lower Diptera. For example, more than 400 non-biting midges (Chironomidae) have been added since 1980, and the number of moth flies (Psychodidae) known from Finland has more than tripled. Among the larger families, large increases in known Finnish species are also seen in Cecidomyiidae (161% increase), Pipunculidae (98%), and Chironomidae (90%).
  • Kahanpaa, Jere (2014)
    A checklist of 29 species in the smaller carnoid families Acartophthalmidae, Canacidae, Carnidae and Milichiidae (Diptera) recorded from Finland is presented. Tethinidae are also included as a subfamily of Canacidae. Phyllomyza tetragona Hendel is removed from the list as no reliable records of this species within the post-1944 borders of Finland could be found.
  • Kahanpaa, Jere; Haarto, Antti (2014)
    A revised checklist of the Scathophagidae, Fanniidae and Muscidae recorded from Finland is presented. Phaonia amicula Villeneuve, 1922 is noted from Finland for the first time.
  • Nartshuk, Emilia; Kahanpaa, Jere (2014)
    A checklist of 147 species the Chloropidae (Diptera) recorded from Finland. Centorisoma elegantulum Becker is recorded for the first time from Finland.
  • Kahanpaa, Jere (2014)
    A revised checklist of the Chamaemyiidae and Lauxaniidae (Diptera) recorded from Finland is presented.
  • Kahanpaa, Jere (2014)
    A Finnish checklist of the sphaeroceroid fly families Chyromyidae and Heleomyzidae is provided.
  • Kahanpaa, Jere (2014)
    A checklist of the Agromyzidae (Diptera) recorded from Finland is presented. 279 (or 280) species are currently known from the country. Phytomyza linguae Lundqvist, 1947 is recorded as new to Finland.
  • Kahanpaa, Jere (2014)
    A species checklist is presented for Finland covering seven smaller families of Opomyzoidea: Anthomyzidae, Asteiidae, Aulacigastridae, Clusiidae, Odiniidae, Opomyzidae and Periscelididae (Diptera).
  • Kahanpaa, Jere; Stuke, Jens-Hermann (2014)
    A checklist of the Diptera superfamilies Conopoidea (Conopidae), Nerioidea (Micropezidae, Pseudopomyzidae) and Diopsoidea (Megamerinidae, Psilidae, Strongylophthalmyiidae, Tanypezidae) from Finland in presented. Myopa vicaria Walker, 1849 is formally recorded for the first time from the country.
  • Kahanpää, Jere; Zatwarnicki, Tadeusz (2015)
    The recent checklist of the Ephydridae of Finland by Zatwarnicki and Kahanpää (2014) mentioned 13 ephydrid species as new for Finland without further details. This paper presents detailed records for those species and a few other species of interest. Four species are recorded for the first time from Russia. junior synonym of Trimerina microchaeta Trimerina in distincta Krivosheina, 2004 is herein considered as a new Hendel, 1932, syn. nov.