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  • Männistö, Laura (Helsingfors universitet, 2012)
    The literature review focused on the basic structure and characteristics of the cereal starches such as the structure of the starch granule, chemical composition and gelatinization properties. Properties of starches from different botanical sources were compared. The objective of the experimental study was to compare the characteristics of native barley starch to other cereal starches and especially to potato starch. Native commercial barley starch was used as testing material which has uniform size distribution (A). This barley starch was compared to commercial wheat, corn and potato starches. Gelatinization properties were measured by RVA (Rapid Visco Analyzer) in acidity range from 3 to 6. Starch granules were observed by light-microscopy. Viscoelastic properties of starch gels were measured reometrically and texture analyzer was used for surface properties. Synersis as diffused amount of liquid was measured of starch gels. Suitability of barley starch in sponge cakes was also investigated. The effect of pH was significant on gelatinization of starches. The maximum viscosity of cereal starches increased when pH decreased, at the same conditions the viscosity of potato starch decreased. The maximum viscosity of potato starch was nearly ten times higher compared to cereal starches. Native cereal starches formed harder gel and during the storage syneresis was stronger than in the potato starch. The potato starch gel was sticky and bright in color. Sponge cake made of potato starch had the highest level of retrogradation and its volume was small. Potato starch may not be applied to confectionary, because it made the crumb structure dry faster than cereal starches. The sponge cake made of corn or potato starch was firmer in crumb structure. Barley starch was more suitable for sponge cake than corn or potato starch. The size distribution of starch granules seemed to have an impact on stability of cake dough. Barley starch was different in many properties compared to potato starch and those applications differ from each other. Based on this research barley starch is suitable for cake baking.