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  • Salo, Ulla-Maija (2021)
    This paper explores what a forest as a specific place means and does for girls, while it scrutinises how to understand place and how to consider place methodologically. The girls, called 'forest daughters' here, write letters to the female President of Finland. The letters portray a forest as a lived 'place-world' that ties place and self together. The multiplicity of these relations is methodologically displayed as an assemblage of 'girl-place-letter' and conjoined a perspective of the 'where of research'. The paper argues that place and self help construct and activate each other. A forest is a site of pleasures and possibilities and in the letters, it turns out that a forest becomes a stage and practice of power that develops environmental activism and gives rise to utterances of green criticism. To develop and exemplify this discussion, I examine a letter to the president written by one of these young forest daughters.
  • Rounge, Trine B.; Page, Christian M.; Lepistö, Maija; Ellonen, Pekka; Andreassen, Bettina K.; Weiderpass, Elisabete (2016)
    Aim: We performed an epigenome-wide association study within the Finnish Health in Teens cohort to identify differential DNA methylation and its association with BMI in adolescents. Materials & methods: Differential DNA methylation analyses of 3.1 million CpG sites were performed in saliva samples from 50 lean and 50 heavy adolescent girls by genome-wide targeted bisulfite-sequencing. Results: We identified 100 CpG sites with p-values <0.000524, seven regions by 'bumphunting' and five CpG islands that differed significantly between the two groups. The ten CpG sites and regions most strongly associated with BMI substantially overlapped with obesity-and insulin-related genes, including MC2R, IGFBPL1, IP6K1 and IGF2BP1. Conclusion: Our findings suggest an association between the saliva methylome and BMI in adolescence.