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  • Ylä-Ajos, Maria; Ruusunen, Marita; Puolanne, Eero (Elsevier, 2006)
    The purpose of the study was to examine the activity of glycogen debranching enzyme, GDE, in porcine and bovine muscles differing in rate of contraction and in oxidative capacity. The activity of GDE, the activity of phosphorylase, total glucose content, lactate content and pH were measured from meat samples taken 35 min post-mortem and ultimate pH 24 or 48 h post-mortem. Both GDE and phosphorylase are needed for the complete degradation of glycogen. In porcine muscles the activities of these glycogen degrading enzymes were higher than in bovine muscles. The activities were increasing with the increasing fast twitch and glycolytic character of a muscle of a given species. However, the increase in the activity of phosphorylase was greater than the increase in the activity of GDE. It was concluded that the GDE may restrict the rate of glycolysis in fast twitch muscles.