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  • Manninen, Terhikki; Stenberg, Pauline (Ilmatieteen laitos - Finnish Meteorological Institute, 2021)
    Raportteja - Rapporter - Reports 2021:5
    Recently a simple analytic canopy bidirectional reflectance factor (BRF) model based on the spectral invariants theory was presented. The model takes into account that the recollision probability in the forest canopy is different for the first scattering than the later ones. Here this model is extended to include the forest floor contribution to the total forest BRF. The effect of the understory vegetation on the total forest BRF as well as on the simple ratio (SR) and the normalized difference (NDVI) vegetation indices is demonstrated for typical cases of boreal forest. The relative contribution of the forest floor to the total BRF was up to 69 % in the red wavelength range and up to 54 % in the NIR wavelength range. Values of SR and NDVI for the forest and the canopy differed within 10 % and 30 % in red and within 1 % and 10 % in the NIR wavelength range. The relative variation of the BRF with the azimuth and view zenith angles was not very sensitive to the forest floor vegetation. Hence, linear correlation of the modelled total BRF and the Ross-thick kernel was strong for dense forests (R2 > 0.9). The agreement between modelled BRF and satellite-based reflectance values was good when measured LAI, clumping index and leaf single scattering albedo values for a boreal forest were used as input to the model.