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  • Loimaala, Karoliina (2020)
    This written section of my thesis work is based on the artistic part Purpling that premiered at the Theatre Academy 24.9.2019 in Theatre Hall. The written section departs from analysing the artistic part. It attempts to present leading questions that drove the artistic process, what kind of choreographic and bodily practices were engaged in throughout the process, leading chosen theoretical frameworks, personal remarks and experiences that have affected both artistic and writing processes. The written section attempts to focus on how choreographing with matter and human as both active, vibrant constitutions, materialises in an affective, rich, and constantly changing intra-action (defined by Karen Barad). It tries to ponder on what possibilities a thematic of moving subjectivities might offer in terms of ending the era of Anthropocene. In this written section I will: Centralise my artistic interests in choreographic realm to the concepts of thingness, polysemy of matter, breathing space and affected body. Observe these interests through theoretical frameworks offered specifically by Hélène Cixous, Erin Manning and Jane Bennett. Itemise my tendency to begin an artistic process and analyse how that reveals the constitutive ingredients of my choreographic thinking. Introduce the driving motives and questions for Purpling: A personal sensorial experience event of purpling defined by Erin Manning an interest towards working with soil a question about translation as an artistic method, regarding translating a reconstructed subjectivity of Hélène Cixous´ hysteric into a choreographic work. Analyse how a period spent in Brazil functioned as a premonition for the artistic process, through personal, sensorial experiences and the questions that arose. Observe how and where the choreographic work actualised while being framed by concepts of vibrant landscape, feeling with world, and being (with) mineral. Observe what kind of choreographic operations were needed when researching the thematic of a reconstructed subjectivity of Cixous´ hysteric and so being, moving subjectivity. Observe and analyse how to use a Lacanian division into imaginary, symbolic and Real as a choreographic grid and a compositional tool. Ponder on possible meanings behind the initial questions and a possible outcome of what this choreographic work is about, to me.
  • Heino, Timo (2016)
    In my art I study the meanings of materiality and the materiality of meanings. I focus on processes in which the symbolism of substances and the associated beliefs, notions and concepts are connected with the materiality of substances, their tangible physicality and continuous change as constituent parts of complex wholes. The purpose of my research is to discover what is expressed by material substances, their combinations and objects created from them when they are examined outside social systems of values and norms, delimited objectives, and conventional uses. A key interest in my research is the complex relations of Westerners with the material world. I also consider the exchange of substances and material cycles between human and non-human realms, and the worldviews based on such processes. My research consists primarily of artistic productions that provide a point of reference for the ramified theoretical and conceptual analysis in the written component of the thesis. My method has been to create material combinations that transcend and combine the socially determined boundaries between different sub-fields and categories of materials. I also study common notions of matter and particularly the materiality of visual art. My theoretical tools include Mary Douglas’s anthropological studies of dirt and cleanliness, the environmental philosophy of Karl Marx, and the concept of hybrid as presented by Bruno Latour. Through my artworks, I elucidate various material interactions and associated layers of meaning and symbol. I study phenomena contained within such material relations as cleanliness and dirt, temporality and distance, industrial, organic and craftwork, fetishism, addiction and abjection. A key denominator in my work is impermanence, which is firmly linked to the materiality of memory, the material memory of objects, as well as the bodily aspect of existence, its fragility and disintegration. I also investigate the inherent mythic aspects of mundane substances and their combinations. As a result of my research, I contend that the self of the individual is formed and modified in networks of interaction and substance exchange. The dualisms of cleanliness and dirt, or body and mind, cannot be undone by focusing simply on just one half of the pair; both elements must be considered as simultaneous and often conflicting manifestations of self and existence.
  • Sukatschew, W. (Suomen metsätieteellinen seura, 1929)
  • Cockayne, L. (Suomen metsätieteellinen seura, 1929)
  • Mikkola, Lauri (Suomen metsätieteellinen seura, 1970)