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  • Salonen, Inka (Helsingin yliopisto, 2018)
    It is typical that memory performance decreases during normal aging. For this reason it is important to understand how to support memory functions of older adults. One proposed solution is foreign language studying and learning. Several factors affect the learning results in foreign language learning. One factor may be the presentation mode of the words being memorised. While memorising vocabulary, picture presentation is usually remembered better than textual presentation, as has been shown in studies of foreign language learning among younger students. This topic has not previously been studied in older adults, so this thesis work investigates whether foreign language learning in older adults can be intensified by using pictures and whether the learning results are long-lasting. The subjects in this study were 30 Finnish native speakers (22 women and 8 men, aged 61 to 75, mean age of 67). The subjects studied Spanish words for 15 days. The subjects were divided into two groups. For one group (the picture group), the word representation contained picture and for the other group (the text group), textual presentation. Long-lasting learning results were studied by two vocabulary tests. The first test was held immediately after the study period and the second test a week thereafter. The picture group achieved better results in both vocabulary tests compared to the results of the text group. The conclusion is that picture representation intensifies foreign language learning more than textual presentation in older adults and the learning results are long-lasting. This research result is useful for those who are planning learning materials and also for older adults interested in studying and learning foreign languages.