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  • Lakkavaara, Eero (Helsingin yliopisto, 2020)
    The literature review focused on the chemical composition of oats, the functional properties of oat components and the foods manufactured from oat ingredients. The factors affecting the technological and the nutritional properties of oat β-glucan have been previously studied. However, the effect of enzymatic hydrolysis on oat β-glucan has not been widely examined. The aim was to study the effect of β-glucanase concentration, hydrolysis time and temperature on the hydrolysis rate of oat β-glucan. During the experimental work an Arena-method was developed to analyse the concentration of β-glucan. The required amount of experiments was determined using statistical CCF design of experiment. The total number of experiments was 36 and 96 analyses were conducted in the experimental work. The viscosity, the concentration of β-glucan and the concentration of dietary fibre were analysed from the hydrolysed suspensions. Based on the results, the effects of the process variables on the hydrolysis of β-glucan were evaluated. Hydrolysis of β-glucan was a relatively fast reaction with the β-glucanase used in the study. Hydrolysis temperature and the concentration of the enzyme had the most significant effects on the hydrolysis of β-glucan. Based on the viscosity curves, the molecular weight of oat β-glucan was significantly decreased. The hydrolysed β-glucan did not increase the viscosity and was not indicating shear-thinning behavior. However, most of the β-glucan hydrolysates were dietary fibre by definition.