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  • Marttila, Sari (Helsingfors universitet, 2014)
    Objective. The objective of this study is to investigate the use of online learning journals in the context of vocational adult education. The research questions were: What was the meaning of online learning journals for students learning? What aspects influenced the learning experience of students when using online learning journals as part of the activities of the communities of practice? The writing of learning journals was studied using Bereiter and Scardamalia's (1987) theory of writing as knowledge telling and knowledge transformation. Online learning journals were studied as part of activities in communities of practice. They were regarded as artifacts that supported the activities of a community. In the courses investigated blogs were used to facilitate the learning journals and online learning journals were used according to blended learning tradition. Methods. The views of students of three Jollas Institute training courses were studied. Eleven students were interviewed and the information was complemented with interviews of three instructors. Interviews were conducted as focused interviews and the material was analyzed using inductive content analysis. Outcomes and conclusions. Online learning journals had a major impact on students learning. Writing and reading learning journals helped to revise course content, to share experiences and to clarify thoughts. Learning from face-to-face meetings was enhanced by writing the online learning journal. Online learning journals worked as a good tool for the communities of practice. With them students could read and comment on each other's postings. It was important that only the members of the class saw the online learning journals. This created a safe environment to write and comment. Learning assignments can be submitted into the online learning journal. The best kinds of assignments for this are those with concrete subjects that encourage sharing experiences and giving ones opinions. Writing was improved if it was not instructed too precisely and when the grammar did not need to be flawless. The use of online learning journals can be activated by submitting all the assignments into the journal. When using online learning journals, special attention should be paid to creating a closed and safe learning environment, to integrate work based learning with learning journals and to ensure that the technical environment functions well and that it supports the activities of a community. Instructors should play an active role.