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  • Heino, Susanna (Helsingfors universitet, 2016)
    This case study was designated to look at experiences and feelings that were raised during jewellery making process. In addition, the point of interest was the sensations that were experienced while making jewellery. Handicrafts have been found to have a positive effect to the maker's emotions and handicrafts are also used as part of rehabilitation therapy. Making handicrafts increases satisfaction and raises one's self-image. Craft science has studies of getting into a flow in a variety of craftwork processes. The making of jewellery has not been researched before. The beading event in this case study was attended by six test subjects who were chosen depending on whether they were craft makers (3) or not (3).For all of the subjects jewellery making was a new craft method. My role in the beading event was to act as a teacher and afterwards as a researcher. After the event the subjects were interviewed with str-method by using a video which was recorded and the jewelry which the participants made during the event. The purpose of the interviews was to gather the feelings attached to making jewellery. The result of this study shows that jewellery making was a positive experience to the makers. During the beading event the jewellery makers' sensations ranged from excitement to confusion and enthusiasm. The finished jewelry made the bead makers happy and proud, "I did this". All the participants in the beading event wanted to participate in a similar event again. The beading event was found to activate several senses. Visual perception was an important part of making the handicraft products and hand-eye coordination was highlighted. Jewellery making was experienced to be very visual because of the diversity of the beads. The making of handicrafts and in this case the making of jewellery gives more to the makers than just the finished piece of jewellery. The making process as an experience is at least as valuable as the finished product.