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  • Taipalus, Hanna (Helsingin yliopisto, 2021)
    The purpose of this study was to investigate talented children studying in a homeschool. The first research question describes home school parents’ definitions of talent. The second research question focuses on supporting a talented child in a homeschool. Previous research data shows that talent and homeschooling are related both as a reason for choosing a homeschool and as a high learning outcomes (Ray 2002, 2017) The research material was collected through a thematic interview. Home school parents (N=7) and their children (N=6) participated in the remote connected interview. Literated interviews were analyzed in the first research question by inductive content analysis and in the second research question by deductive content analysis question based on the catalysts of Gagnés (2004) Differentiated model of giftedness and talent. Talent was seen as differences in performance based on innate ability. Parents emphasized the importance of the environment and work alongside this perception. Talent was seen a little more multimodal than general. The talented child was defined by a high willingness to learn and various interests. The views are in line with previous research data and resembles Gagné’s (2004) definitions of the development of natural ability into talent by talent development process. Families saw homeschooling as a workable solution for educating a talented child. The parents emphasized the impact of the environment and individuality on learning. Homeschooling was seen as a motivating learning environment and supporting a child’s well-being. Parents felt it was important to appreciate the child’s talent and a lot of resources could be directed to support the child’s talent. The flexible timetable in homeschool increased free time or allowed the child to engage more intense hobbies. Homeschooling appears to be potential form of education form of education for a talented child but requires certain educational resources from the family.