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  • Hietaniemi, Marjut (Helsingin yliopisto, 2018)
    This research investigates “Supporting the everyday life of families with children” activity provided by the Martha organization. The activity consists of home visits arranged by household experts, which aim to facilitate the wellbeing and everyday life of families with children. The aim of the research is to explore how home visits facilitate the fluency of everyday life and how they support the development of household skills. In addition, the re-search aims to deepen understanding of the everyday life of families with children by investigating what type of burdening factors families face and what type of supporting factors appear in the everyday life of families. The research was qualitative by nature, and its material was obtained by conducting semi-structured theme interviews. That is, six parents and four household experts were interviewed for the research. The research material was analyzed using the theory-guided con-tent analysis method. Based on the research results, parents experience everyday life as busy and full of work. Especially the schedules set by work burden everyday life. Household experts experienced that difficult life situations and the lack of household skills and everyday life patterns burden families. The research shows that families need concrete help and support. Some of the interviewed parents felt that their need for support had been left unrecognized. Based on the material, anticipation and daily routines proved to be important supporting factors for everyday life. Parents felt that the home visits contributed to the fluency of everyday life in many aspects and that doing things together was the concrete and significant way of contribution. Household experts viewed that the purpose of home visits was to discover the families’ own way of handling everyday life and that the visits were the right way of strengthening household skills. According to the research, household advice and visits provided by household experts in addition to other support forms provided by different organizations and the society are worth the support for the everyday life of families with children. The understanding of the needs for everyday life and its support for families with children enables the development of family-oriented support forms.