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  • Saresvirta, Marleena (Helsingin yliopisto, 2018)
    The purpose of this Master’s thesis is to research how elementary school teachers implement the assessment in physical education after the reform of the assessment and evaluation in physical education. The purpose is also to find out, what kind of changes the new National Core Curriculum for Basic Education has brought to the assessment in physical education. The theory consists of assessment in elementary school, physical education and pupil assessment in physical education. Student assessment both in general and concerning physical education is presented by exploring among other things the Basic Education Act, the Basic Education Decree and the National Core Curriculum for Basic education (2014, 2004). The different nature of physical education as a school subject compared to other school subjects is also being covered. The research was executed as a qualitative research using e-form interview as the interview method. The e-form was sent to the teachers via e-mail and they all answered to the questions alone. Three physical education teaching elementary school teachers from southern Finland were interviewed for the research. They had all been a part of my Bachelor’s thesis’ research, too. The dataset was gathered in April 2018. The analysis of the dataset was executed by using theory directive content analysis with which the dataset was divided into seven different upper categories. These upper categories divided again under two main categories which were the implementation of the assessment in physical education and the teachers' views on the assessment. The research showed that teachers implement the assessment in PE quite similarly. The biggest change comparing to the teachers’ history in implementing the assessment in physical education was that the teachers used the assessment methods more diversely. They had mostly added a lot of self-evaluation and peer evaluation to their teaching in physical education. The research also revealed that all the teachers keep the National Core Curriculum for Basic Education as the premise of their assessment. The teachers emphasized in their assessment especially the pupils’ attitude towards physical education and their working skills, and their learning process in physical education, which are the fields that the National Core Curriculum for Basic Education (2014) orders to assess in physical education.