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  • Knuutinen, Tarja Pauliina; Kivikero, Hanna Kaarina; Terävä, Elina Katariina (The Archaeological Society of Finland, 2018)
    Monographs of the Archaeological Society of Finland
    Recent archaeological research around the medieval Castle of Raseborg has shown that in the Middle Ages the most prominent changes in the surroundings of the castle, both natural and man-made, are related to the littoral landscape of the site. Archaeological data offers new information on post-glacial shore displacement in the region, and suggests that during the first half of the 16th century the shore level around the castle was considerably lower than expected. Shore displacement also affected the castle’s strategies for defence and subsistence.
  • Saunaluoma, Sanna; Pärssinen, Martti; Schaan, Denise (2018)
    Amazonian earthworks, which are an important testimony to ancient anthropogenic landscape modifications, have a significant variety of structures and sizes, and are found in different geographical and ecological locations that indicate separate time periods, distinct cultural affiliations, and diverse purposes. We introduce data from diverse archaeological earthwork sites, geoglyphs, mound sites, and walled enclosures situated in the interfluves of the Purus River in the Brazilian state of Acre and propose a type definition for these sites. The abundant anthropogenic landscape features and their associated material culture indicate considerable human-induced environmental alterations and diverse earthworking traditions that are characteristic of the region of eastern Acre from at least ca. 2000 b.p. onwards.