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  • Abdurehim, Esmael (Helsingin yliopisto, 2014)
    In this corpus-based study, I have developed a comprehensive grammatical description of the Lopnor dialect of Uyghur, which is an endangered Turkic variety spoken in the northwestern part of China. This dissertation consists of a description of the phonology, morphology and syntax of the Lopnor dialect. This study is based on several field trips to the Lopnor region of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China. All examples in the dissertation are taken from the texts which I am going to publish on the online corpus. My intention to work on this topic is to document this endangered regional variety of Uyghur before it disappears and to provide reliable data for the scholars who are interested in the comparative study of Turkic languages. It might also give some interesting information for linguists who are working on endangered Turkic varieties and language contact issues. The texts collected in the Lopnor region may also contribute to the historical and cultural study of the region. In chapter one, a discussion is initiated on the historical background of the region where the Lopnor dialect is spoken. Then, the previous studies on this dialect, current language situation and the reasons for further investigation are described. In the last section of this chapter, the sources of the data, and the methods employed in the fieldwork are provided. Chapter two is the description of the phonological system of this dialect. It starts with the phonetic realization of the distinctive segments and their allophones. Then, the syllable structure of the Lopnor dialect is discussed very briefly. Vowel harmony, which is an important feature of the Lopnor dialect, is discussed in a separate section. The last section provides a description of the diachronic processes in the Lopnor dialect. Chapter three presents the morphological system of the Lopnor dialect, including a discussion of some special derivative suffixes in the Lopnor dialect. Then, the different categories of inflectional suffixes and their rules for suffixation in this dialect are distinguished. Chapter four pertains to the syntactic structure of phrases, clauses and sentences in the Lopnor dialect. All examples in this chapter are glossed and translated into English. In the last chapter, the unique and the shared linguistic features of the Lopnor dialect are discussed. This chapter ends with the author s conclusions and opinions on the position of the Lopnor dialect.