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  • Kettunen, Antti (Helsingfors universitet, 2016)
    The purpose of the study was to identify the differences between forest machine enter-prises’ operational environments in Finland and Sweden and to find out what kind of rela-tionships and contracts these enterprises have with their clients. The purpose was also to identify what kind of growth strategies are implemented and what sort of financing op-portunities are offered in forest machine industry. The aim of this study was also to con-duct an evaluation of financial potential of the forest machine industry in both countries. This study uses qualitative methods. The material was gathered through five interviews conducted in Finland and five in Sweden during the summer and autumn of 2015. The material was analyzed through thematizing. The interviews hold four main themes which included operational environment, relationships and contracts, growth and success and finance. The operational environment was considered more positive in Finland, due to the future large investments targeted to the country`s forest industry. The main difference between the two countries is that most of the clients use key contractor model in Finland which is not commonly applied in Sweden and this had clear effects on the results of this study. Also, contractors in Finland often have more clients than in Sweden. The service contracts contained the same basic conditions in both countries except the duration of the contract, which was longer in Finland. Contractors generally used internal growth and corporate acquisition as their growth strategy in both countries. Contractors were more expansionary and open to growth in Finland than in Sweden. They also used the same kind of financial products in both countries. According to the results, the forest machine industry has the same financial potential in both countries, since the urge of financing will not disappear in the future.