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  • Mähönen, Suvi (Helsingin yliopisto, 2018)
    In this research the main target is to figure out, what kind of challenges the comprehensive school teachers are facing in their daily work of teaching physical education and are those notions of challenges similar or very different from each others. The study is interested to point out those mentally laden factors which have a great impact for teacher´s work satisfaction and stamina at their career path. This is qualitative research and as it´s character it aims to portray, analyse and interpret the mentally laden factors in teaching, how can they occur in different period of career. One objective is to develop resources to support teacher´s occupational wellbeing. This study is empiric and it has data-driven approach, where the information is collected from different levels of comprehensive school and it focuses to interpret the experiences of teachers in different environment. Research persons are either class teachers or Physical Education teachers, all with their own individual educational background. Important is to find out how those different teachers perceive the challenges at their work, how those challenges affect to teacher´s occupational wellbeing and which kind of strategies they have to cope with them. This survey was implemented as an inquiry with 34 respondents, 16 class teachers and 18 physical education teachers. The second data, which was used together with inquiry data was collected with theme interviews. 8 carefully selected teachers were participating in the interviews. Both data combined together was used to analyse the different kind of strategies of teachers to face the challenges or resolve the problems related to it. Inquiry data was used to analyse all challenge responses, where top-20 challenges of class teachers and physical education teachers were compiled into scales and both profession groups were compared in the synthesis of main challenges. Also frequencies of challenges were measured in inquiry and they were analyzed together with interview data of 8 self evaluated work satisfaction numbers. The results show that the challenges in both environment were all same, but with different order and importance. In Huberman (1992) career model which was used to classify respondents into smaller groups, the research results pointed out 2 risk groups in physical education career path: novice teachers in first 4 years of career and teachers in their 7.-18. years at work. Results can be used to develop and promote occupational well-beeing.
  • Huotari, Noora (Helsingin yliopisto, 2018)
    Tiivistelmä - Referat – Abstract The aim of this study was to determine what views and experiences teachers involved in physical education in the Finnish comprehensive school system have regarding the changes in the National core curriculum (2014) within physical education. Furthermore, the aim was also to enhance the understanding of the connection between sports and improvement of fundamental movement skills. The research questions arose from my Bachelor´s thesis, in which I, by analyzing the content of physical education lessons, studied physical exercise and fundamental movement skills using the Gallahuen and Donnely (2003) classification system. The main theory used in this research is the National core curriculum (POPS 2014) and the review of POPS 2014 as a tool for analyzing the results of this study. At this point, not many studies have been conducted about POPS 2014. However, current results indicate that separating learning of fundamental movement skills and sports in POPS 2014 has caused some issues. This is a qualitative study. The research material is based on five interviews with teachers from the physical education field. Questions were based on subjects from my Bachelor´s thesis that needed further understanding. Phenomenographic analysis and theoretical content analysis were used to analyze the interviews. The research material was divided into two groups: Physical education teachers´ views on the core curriculum, and sports as a mean to enhance fundamental movement skills. The results indicate that all the teachers had a clear picture of the changes to the core curriculum in POPS 2014. All teachers were of the same opinion, that changes had occurred especially in the guidelines of teaching physical ability. Only one interviewee stated that the changes have had, to a certain degree, a negative outcome. Results from this study indicate that teachers are using a variety of sports to enhance fundamental movement skills of students. However, teachers’ knowledge about fundamental movement skills showed to be lacking more than expected.